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- this is our school vision for your child.

Chadwell offers a broad curriculum including a wide range of enrichment activities.

We aim to reach the highest standards; to develop children’s engagement with an understanding of the world; to maintain a team who are positive and reflective and to encourage strong home-school links so parents and carers can be active partners in their children’s learning.

We want our children at Chadwell to be ready for all the challenges and opportunities their futures will hold – we want them to develop a love of learning and a heartfelt belief that they can “dare to dream” - we want them to have the courage and belief to strive for the very best.  I believe that together we can do just that.

Visitors comment on the warm and friendly atmosphere here at Chadwell.

We have an open door policy and I warmly invite you to come and see us in action.

Mr Walker


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