Chadwell Primary School
Junior Travel Ambassadors

JTA’s try to encourage people to cycle, scooter, skateboard, walk and use public transport to school. We want people to travel to school in healthy and environmentally friendly ways rather than by car.

 The Chadwell JTA’s are:  

Thomas Dudman, Sakshi Jha, Laiba Afzal, Yamin Shah, Zakariyya Howie, Vania Hauradhur, Chelsea Omaboe, Samantha Akinosi

We try to encourage sustainable travel through the following activities:

  • We hold competitions eg Be Bright Be Seen
  • Bike Breakfasts to encourage people to cycle
  • Give Prizes
  • We go on training and visits for Road Safety
  • We organise visitors like BMX display and Road Travel Assembly
  • The Big Pedal and the Big Shift
  • Organise the classes to do the Walk to School Charts and badges

Our school is a Silver Level with the TfL Accreditation for sustainable travel in schools.
We are aiming to reach Silver Level this year!

School Travel Plan 

Download the TravelPlan2015

School Travel Policy

Download the Chadwell School Travel Policy