Reading Matters 

At Chadwell Primary School we believe that Reading is at the core of all learning and should be enjoyed. We have an extensive range of books in the school library plus Reading Areas in all class rooms. There are ranges of reading genres (types) for the pupils to choose from so that they can select books they will enjoy.

This Reading List is another selection of books to encourage children to read books that are challenging, enjoyable and in-line with the demands of the New Curriculum. Some of these books are available from the school library, but if not, the local library should have a copy.



We encourage Reading through:

  • Daily Phonics teaching in EYFS and KS1
  • Use of the Oxford  Reading Tree scheme to teach Reading (de-coding, segmenting, blending and vocabulary)  as well as reading skills (prediction, comprehension, features of books) – whole school
  • Free choice of books from class reading area – whole school
  • Free choice of books from school library – whole school
  • Reciprocal Reading or Shared reading to teach specific types of reading skills – KS2
  • Reading and the teaching of books in English lessons – whole school

Reading Book List

Happy Reading!

Recommended books for Foundation stage
Recommended books for Year 1
Recommended books for Year 2
Recommended books for Year 3
Recommended books for Year 4
Recommended books for Year 5
Recommended books for Year 6
Reciprocal Reading Powerpoint Presentation