Wildlife Garden and Allotment Area

Next to the quiet area, in a patch not often explored, is Chadwell Primary School’s wildlife garden and allotment area! Recently, we decided to spruce up our existing conservation area and make it a friendlier habitat for birds, insects and animals. We also wanted the children to learn more about nature, conservation and where food comes from by being able to visit the wildlife area more freely, and grow vegetables, plants and fruit in one of our many new allotment beds. 

The wildlife garden is currently thriving with new birds, insects, and even fish, making their home in this ‘living garden’. However, we need your help in maintaining the garden and allotment area, and also in making it attractive to wildlife looking for a new habitat. 

Here are some ways in which you can get involved:

  • Join Mrs Allison’s Gardening Club. Every Monday, come rain or shine, the gardeners tend to their plants, grow vegetables and fruit, and make sure that the allotment area is properly looked after.
  • Eco-Club fill up the bird feeders on a regular basis.
  • You could make bird feeders and bird food for the garden. You could also build a nesting box or a hedgehog home. Look at some of our links for ideas.
  • You could bring in plants to go in one of the beds or plants that are already in a container – there are some very inventive ways to display plants!
  • Be one of Mrs Allison’s helpers in charge of weeding and watering the beds.

These websites have lots of fantastic ideas and activities you can do in order to attract wildlife to your garden and give nature a helping hand:




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