Healthy Eating at Chadwell

Chadwell’s School Council have done a lot of work to find out what children like to eat in their packed lunches and promote healthier eating habits. They started off by carrying out a survey in the dinner hall to see what children were bringing in. Even though lots of children were bringing in healthy packed lunches, they discovered that those who eat school dinners are more likely to eat a balanced diet from the five food groups – nearly four times as many children have salad or vegetables as part of their meal! They also carried out a questionnaire for the children who bring in packed lunches. An overwhelming number of children said that they believed packed lunches should contain healthy foods like fruit and vegetables.

As a result of these findings and to encourage children to eat healthy, tasty food at lunchtime, we have decided to introduce a packed lunch policy that all of the school community have had the chance to contribute to. We also have our own packed lunch leaflet that has lots of great ideas for a healthy lunch. So click on the links and change your eating habits today!



Packed Lunch Ideas


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Chadwell\'s Packed Lunch Leaflet

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